the conscious caravan

All the food i offer here is infused with love and made with the best possible plant based ingredients hand sourced in my quest to eat and serve food that supports a cruelty free sustainable planet.

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  • Vegan Fish and Chips
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How It Works

Lunch Portions : Order for collection on the day during the opening hours.

Lunch Portions for Work Order on a Monday and let us know the day and time for delivery to your office in Town.

Lunch Orders limited to 4km Radius from central town (If you are not sure please pop us a message)


our food and experience

Soups, Stock and Sauce

All our soups and products are made with vegan fresh stock, this way we can assure you there are no nasties added to the products as a cheep fillers or bulking agents

BBQ and Grill

Chef Malcolm was exposed to coal bbq, known as a braai in South Africa, from a very young age. with almost 40 years of cooking experience he considers himself a bbq master. Malcolm has stopped cooking meat and animal products and now focuses on transformational BBQ Dishes when he is at the Grill.

Curries and Spice

Chef Malcolm comes from Durban South Africa, with the highest population of Indian people outside of India he has been blessed to have tried many different curries, his curries are all mild, fragrant and plant based and include spices imported from India and Durban.

you are the real burger king 

Chris Bertish - South African Born Big Wave Surfer and Motivational Speaker - USA

So much love & passion goes into your cooking. You can taste & feel the love, nothing is too hard or impossible for you. You have the passion, it shows, because we do eat with our eyes, but it tastes delicious too.

Bernice Feeney - Northland - New Zealand

Whilst traveling for business i had the moroccan lamb shank...mmm

Andrew Wex - Marketing Guru - Cape Town South Africa